Is “Unbiased Reporting” a Thing of the Past?

unbiased reporting

They know for sure that it is devoid of unbiased reporting.

People in India and the U.S saw a new face of biased information by the media personnel reporting post-2014/15. What Modi is to the Indians, Trump was that to the Americans. Conversely, what Trudeau is to Canada, Imran Khan was the same face to the Pakistanis. India and Pakistan are third-world countries whereas the U.S and Canada are first-world. Modi and Trump are overtly right-wing and extremely aggressive. Trudeau and Imran are more tactful and smooth operators.

  1. Easy accessibility of knowledge and information to all
  2. Desecration of racism, casteism, and gender inequality
  3. Protection of Human Rights
  4. Peace without war
  • Fight terror with terror.
  • To restore peace, wage war.
  • Increase the economy by spending exorbitant amounts on fund-saving strategies.
  • Oppress the already oppressed.

The New York Times Expose

Walter Lippmann and Charles Merz, in 1920, first revealed some hard-to-believe truths about The New York Times’ reporting of the Russian Revolution. These unbiased American journalists concluded that the media reporting on the given event was rarely based on fact. The reporters of this new organization (The New York Times) were riding blindly on high hopes. They lacked factual accuracy, a balanced outlook, and unbiased reporting which is the very basic foundation of delivering an informed report.

Does it mean the entire media is a big bunch of rotten apples?

Absolutely not!!!

  1. Fame
  2. Power



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